About Jane

Jane Monzures is a major market television and radio personality having worked in Chicago, Atlanta and Phoenix.  Jane is currently the host of “Living Healthy Chicago” airing Sundays on WGN TV, she is a contributor to the WCIU You and Me This Morning Show adding segments to the broadcast that include, “For the Love of Cooking”, “Uniquely Chicago”, and “Free in Chicago”, is a contributor to NBC Chicago’s new digital Non-Stop channel and is the host of a new hands-on reality show, “America’s Domestic Divas.”

           Jane also graced the radio airwaves as a morning show host in Atlanta at 92.9 Dave fm and for the legendary 97.9 The Loop in Chicago.  She hosted a home décor show “Homes Plus”, a champagne docu-series from France, “Behind the Bubbly”, was a correspondent for an entertainment magazine show in Chicago “Metro Mix”, and did a lifestyle feature on a nightly news program for KTVK in Phoenix.  Jane was the official Red Carpet host for the 2009 and 2011 Greek American GABBY Awards. As a Bradley University graduate, Jane as worked as the Marketing Director for KEDJ -106.3fm and did a weekly “Around Town” enter-tainment feature on KTVK – TV3.

Her sassy wit and charm were also in play as the in-arena emcee for the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks and the WNBA’s Chicago Sky games.  Jane has plunged into the world of couture, creating her own clothing line called JEM-Stone Design, wearable art for the fashion forward female. It is available online at www.JEM-Stone.com.  Jane’s fashion expertise was featured on Peachtree TV in Atlanta and she acted as a menu consultant for Michael Jordan’s Restaurant in Chicago.

Jane loves to eat, exercise and cook delicious Greek cuisine for her family and friends.  For more info about Jane, go to www.janemonzures.com.

About Amanda

Amanda Schupra brings a creativity which is focused and strategically tailored to the market audience in social media and marketing campaigns. She is recognized as a highly organized and detail oriented business professional with a diverse background. She moved to Chicago in January 2013 from her hometown in Metro Detroit and has embraced her new home with open arms and all smiles (although, she will remain cheering on all Detroit sports teams)!

Amanda loves fitness, hair products, cooking yummy healthy foods, walking aimlessly around the city, finding fun new places with friends, and shopping for the best deals with her mom.

About Our Blog


      SHOES, GUYS, FOOD: You can’t live with them and you can’t live without them.  These are three vital parts of our daily lives. They play a major role in our reality and in our fantasies.  They are the centerpiece of our conversations and we talk about each of them with love and adoration. They consume our mental brain-scape during boring meetings, at the doctor’s office, through study time, at the gym and sometimes they even become the focal point of our prayers. Shoes make us blissful, Guys keep us wanting more, and Food is the way to anyone’s heart.  The three become the stars of our day-dreams; they are wished for by many and reveled in by countless women all over the world. The thought of Shoes, Guys and Food can evoke emotions we’ve never felt before. And we would do almost anything to be close to each and every one of these things on a daily basis.  So, instead of hiding the fact that we LOVE shoes, we LOVE guys, and we LOVE to eat; let’s celebrate them…and rejoice in their creation.


      The height of the heel, the slope of the arch and the smell of the leather can put me in a peaceful trance; if you close your eyes you can picture the perfect pair.  Think about the feeling you get when you slip them on, and the idea that your prince charming with the glass slipper is waiting for you somewhere. (I actually call him the shoes salesman but we all have our idea of a prince.)  My heart races and my body pulses after I buy the “it” shoe of the season. It’s in our blood…we love shoes.  Imagine the way they make your legs look and their eye-popping sex appeal…for most women, shoes are power, shoes are the object of desire, an obsession, an addiction.  Hello, I am Jane Monzures and I am a shoe addict.  Can anyone out there join me in that statement?  Together we will celebrate the SHOES that walk the red carpets, hit city streets, stroll out for a night on the town, make the outfit and turn heads every day.  Simply put, give a girl the right shoe and she’ll conquer the world. 


       The “guy section” here is not designed to pimp out our male counterparts, but rather to somehow bridge the gap between men and women.  They say men are from another planet and women are normal but we can still appreciate that guy next door who we all know and love. They are gentlemen, they are rugged, they are handsome, they are sensitive, they are strong, they are in-charge, they are meat and potatoes, they are champagne, they are mama’s boys, they are regular old Joes with a mission, they are thoughtful, they come in all shapes and sizes and we love them because they are not us. Trying to figure out the mind of a male can make you crazy but celebrating them for who they are and what they’ve done, can make you melt. Here we salute the GUYS in our lives for all the good in their character and the joy they bring to the world around us.  Get ready to open up your heart and pour in a pitcher of man love.


      By far one of my favorite topics… I love to eat and I love to cook!  Food is our lifeline and if it’s tasty and shared with others then it can become our mainline.  Most of us plan our days around food; who am I having lunch with? What’s for dinner? And, I’m hungry, are phrases uttered every second of everyday.  When we are children we share our bologna sandwiches and as we grow older we appreciate the finer foods in life.  Food is a social activity, food is an emotional activity, and food is an essential part of our lives. The at-home chef is greeted with praise for cooking a great meal and the restaurant Chef is today’s celebrity.  People all over the world have secret family recipes and renowned chefs love to share their culinary expertise. The business of cooking spans from books and television networks, to retail stores and backyard gardens, and from farm to table to a little girl’s make-believe oven.  Making food is creative and fun, and enjoying the flavors makes memories to last a lifetime.  From first dates, to families formed, and last meals shared, food is a source of great jubilee.  So sharpen your knives and get your palate primed because great FOOD gives us something to chew on.

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